• What makes a good car insurance policy?

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    The first thing to keep in mind is the level of excess. Some cheaper policies come with a very high level of excess which, in the long run, can be costlier than paying a higher premium. That said, we’ve come up with a way for you to save money by insuring your excess.
    Other things to look out for include:
    - Windscreen cover, which is offered as standard by many of the providers in our top 10, including John Lewis Car Insurance and Aviva Car Insurance, as part of their comprehensive car insurance cover.
    - Courtesy car – you want to make sure that, if anything goes wrong with your vehicle, you get a complimentary replacement car until yours is fixed. This is part of the comprehensive policies for many of our top 10 providers as well, including AA car insurance.
    - Many people assume that, if they have comprehensive insurance they are automatically covered to drive other people’s cars, but that is not necessarily the case. Read the terms of your policy carefully to make sure you are insured for driving cars other than your own, to avoid making a costly, and potentially illegal, mistake.
    - Some companies offer what they term Accelerated No Claims. This means you can claim a 12-months no claims discount after only 10 months on the road. However, the catch here is that often this only applies if you stick with the company for another year. For some, this will work out well, but it’s worth doing your research. In most cases, loyalty is not rewarded when it comes to insurance, so, even with the no claims discount, you may be better off elsewhere.
    To conclude, don’t just look for the best price when you shop around for car insurance. We compiled our top 10 by averaging the scores from Which?, Fairer Finance and other financial services review companies to find the highest ranking brands, which reflects the providers who will most likely prove themselves to be the best value in the long run, as well as provide the best customer experience.
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