• Pros and cons of car insurance comparison sites

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    With the rise in popularity of comparison sites, many people look for the cheapest price when choosing an insurance provider, believing it to be the best deal. However, that is often not the case.
    We are not denying that comparison websites such as Go CompareConfused and Moneysupermarket have brought positive changes for consumers. They’ve created competition between car insurance providers, resulting in prices coming down, and made customer reviews of the different brands more readily available.
    However, the flip side of this competitive element is that it drove many companies to create cheap car insurance policies with very basic levels of cover. Keeping prices low means they end up at the top of comparison websites' lists, but at the expense of the customer, who may be left out of pocket by the policy’s shortcomings.
    It is also worth noting that policies from some car insurance companies are not on comparison sites. Here is a list of them: