• Here are the best multi car providers from our top 10 car insurers:

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    1. Aviva - Up to 33% multi-car discount, separate claims records, allows each car to have different levels of cover and excess
    2. More Than - 15% multi-car discount, matched no claims bonus, separate claims records
    3. LV= - 5% multi-car discount, matched no claims bonus (up to nine years), separate claims records
    4. Saga – 5% multi-car discount
    Direct Line and Churchill both offer multi-car discounts but do not state how much you can save.
    John LewisAge UK, RIAS and Tesco do not offer multi car discounts.
    There are a number of other providers not in our top 10 that offer discounts, for example, Admiral’s multi car insurance discount is linked to the amount of cars you add and it says 10% of multi car customers saved £318 between October 2015 and March 2016.

    Best over-50s car insurance

    It’s difficult to say one insurer is the best for over-50s because your quote will depend on factors such as the model of car you drive, where you live and your claims history.
    However, the good news is that drivers who are over 50 should get some of the best car insurance quotes wherever they get cover.
    Insurers base their premiums on driving experience, which over 50s are likely to have a lot of. If you have built up a long no claims bonus you’re in a good position to get one the best car insurance rates.
    The average car insurance quote for a 51-year-old is £628, according to Confused.com. For over 60s it’s even better, the average quote for a 61-year-old is £418.
    If you drive a more expensive car it may be higher than that, but don’t forget that 21-year-olds pay £1,430 on average, so you’re in a preferable position.
    For those aged 70 and above prices may start to creep back up and you’ll also need to renew your licence every three years. Don’t forget to update it with any medical conditions that have occurred since the last time you renewed it.
    Out of the providers in our top 10 car insurers, three are either exclusively for or designed for over 50s: