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    Car lease in America "insurance, fuel, driver's license« | comprehensive:
    Rent companies

    There are many car rental companies, including: -

    Corporate Rates vary for several reasons (new or old cars, the company has several branches, the company offers more services, special offers ...... etc.)

    Rental Price varies if the receipt and delivery of the car from the same place and this cheaper or the same city I was somewhere else or another city in the same state or another city other state and this price the most expensive must pay attention! Price also differs if rent Unknown mileage unlimeted milage or a specific mileage.
    Price also differs Some companies have said if you are resident in the Arab country, The price is much cheaper compared to if you said residents in America!

    When booking a car type you book a car category and not a specific brand (eg book sports car open like Mustnjlaken possible upon receipt they give you similar to a car like the Camaro revealed) and I Matkdr Tcolhm barrier Mustang!

    Place car reservations directly via the company's website but does not require it only to determine the date and place of receipt and delivery and the type of car and the name and e-mail but not asking delirious sites any financial data (pay by Visa or Master) or the place booking through intermediary companies like expedia .car hire3000.carrenta ..orbitz. Ktheroan and others through intermediary companies required credit card data (Visa or Master)

    Ali is generally better booking directly and without intermediate company

    Types of insurance

    Many kinds of insurance and possible insurance cover you choose Elly suits you and everything you put in the type, cost Alaajarrah increase, but the most important and Elly necessary to obtain them are two:
    Loss Damage Waiver Full - LDW protect if Shi became the vehicle such as theft or accident
    -Supplemental Liability Insurance
    Third Party Insurance injuries: if Zbbhetwa in non damage the insurance company to pay costs
    The cost of the two types of insurance estimated at around 20 to 30 dollars a day
    Age for Tenant
    Most companies require that the tenant be age 25 years and Akther.ala that there are a few companies are leased for ages 18 to 25 extra cost ranging from 20 to 35 dollars a day ..
    And these are some companies that are leased to people 18 years of age and See
    EZ RENT A CAR Discount Car Rentals | Cheap Rental Cars | Rent A Car Deals | E-Z Rent-A-Car company and Delirious have branches in
    Los Angeles LAX International Airpo (Los Angeles, CA)
    Ft. Lauderdale International Airpor (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
    Orlando International Airport (Orlando, FL)
    Miami International Airport (Miami, FL)
    another company
    Atwest Rent A Car Atwest Rent A Car - Discount Car Hire, Auto Rental, Car Rental in Los Angeles,
    Rental Cars in San Diego California
    The company and Delirious has branches in Los Angeles, LAX (Los Angeles, CA) San Diego, SAN (San Diego, CA)
    another company
    Ok Rent A Car Car Rental Los Angeles | Car Rental Los Angeles under 25 | Long Term Car Rental | OK Rent-A-
    The company has branches in Delirious
    CA) SANTA MONICA, West Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) Long Beach, South Bay (Gardena, CA)
    another company
    Image Rent-A-Car IMAGE RENT-A-CAR | LUXURY Cars and 12-15 Passenger Van Rentals
    The company has branches in Delirious
    John F Kennedy JFK Airport (Jamaica, NY) Newark Airport (EWR) New Jersey NJ (Elizabeth, NJ) Fort Lauderdale Airport & Local (Fort Lauderdale, FL) FLORIDA - Miami (MIA) Airport (Miami, FL)
    Hollywood Florida (Hollywood,