• Best multi car insurance

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    The concept of multi car insurance is pretty simple; insure more than one car with the same insurer to receive a discount.
    However, there are a few things to consider when selecting a multi car policy. In fact, the first thing you should do is make sure it will actually save you money because in some cases it can be cheaper to buy individual policies for each car.
    The level of savings will depend on your personal circumstances but mainly relate to the age and model of the cars being insured and your driving experience.
    For example, adding an 18-year-old who has just passed his test onto the same policy as a 50-year-old with a nine-year no claims bonus may not result in a saving.
    It may be better for a new driver to look at companies that specialise in young drivers or black box insurance.
    Multi car insurance comparison can be difficult because you may not be able to see rates for multi policies on price comparison sites. However, we recommend shopping around – first for individual policies for each car and then comparing a range of multi-car quotes.
    To get you started, we have ranked the multi car policies offered by our top 10 car insurers.